What is a Live Casino Online?

live casino online

Online gambling is a huge industry which encompasses a wide range of games and is available to players from around the world. While the vast majority of online casinos use RNGs to determine the outcome of each game, some offer a more authentic experience by using live dealers. This is known as a live casino online and it can be played on desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets. The main difference between an online and a live casino is that in the former, a real dealer is responsible for dealing cards and spinning a roulette wheel, while the latter uses software to control each game.

In a live casino online, the dealer is located in a special studio which is specifically designed to be able to broadcast high-quality video over the internet. Most modern home broadband connections are capable of streaming these videos without any issues, though players should check that their chosen online casino accepts players from their state, and that they can be expected to be above the legal gambling age (which tends to vary between 18 and 21).

The best online live casinos provide a variety of different games, with most offering a choice of blackjack, roulette and table poker variants. Some also offer baccarat, craps and other games such as game shows. These games are augmented by a number of live chat functions which allow players to interact with the dealers.

Many of the best live casino online sites feature a range of different payment methods, including credit and debit cards. Some offer Bitcoin, while others use PayPal to make transactions more secure. These casinos are licensed and regulated by gambling commissions and other relevant authorities, meaning that they can be trusted to be safe for players.

To play a live casino online, you must log in to the website or open the app and then select a game. Once you have selected a game, you will be taken to a screen with the video feed of the dealer and the table. You will then be able to use buttons on the screen to place your bets and make decisions. You will then be notified when you win or lose.

Most live casino online games are based on traditional casino rules, so players can expect to be dealt two cards and try to beat the dealer by getting a higher value hand than theirs. Some games, such as blackjack, can also include side bets that pay out for certain combinations of suited cards, pairs or runs.

Live casino online is a newer form of the gambling industry that is slowly becoming more popular. While there are some limitations, such as the need for a good quality web connection, more and more casinos are starting to add this type of gaming to their offerings. This type of gambling can be particularly appealing to those who prefer a more human element to their online gaming. In the past, many brick and mortar casinos were unable to provide this type of experience as they simply did not have the space or equipment needed for it.